Travelers Amidst Industries

Maybe it is true, maybe the years before 1989 were truly more productive in what the industry is concerned but this doesn’t prevent us from noticing the success the companies now have…sometimes from the shadow. There are names that maybe you haven’t heard before or heard too little of, but there are names that contribute […] Read more »


CESIRO – 70% of home earthenware is used by foreigners

Who would have thought that Transylvania’s lands are where the oldest Romanian home earthenware factory is hidden and that is also where millions of plates and trays are annually produced. Although it doesn’t seem imposing from the outside, Cesiro spreads on approximately 4 ha and has around 1.600 employees. That is how it can achieve […] Read more »


Delamode Romania – Perspectives on logistics

This year is special for Delamode. The company celebrates 20 years of activity in Romania. We talked to Mr. Cosmin Rusu, General Manager Delamode Romania, about the company’s past present and future, about its successes, its challenges and, overall, about the Romanian freight and logistics market. ″I am optimistic that we will experience an organic […] Read more »


IRUM – The ambition to influence market developments

IRUM SA manufactures at Reghin performant skidders and agricultural machinery. Originally intended for domestic market only, IRUM machines are now being sold in several European countries such as Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, Croatia, Austria and Germany. Mr. Mircea Oltean, CEO at IRUM talked to us about environmental care, performance, design and the attention to safety […] Read more »


Romstal built a home safe and healthy plumbing

For over 20 years, the passion and the devotion for the company has been transposed into innovative and exclusive products that demonstrate efficiency and reliability every time. Romstal’s commitment to the clients is a long lasting one and it offers solutions for every type of project in a complex system of consultancy offered to the […] Read more »


Broadhurst Industrial Management – Three stars in the Broadhurst galaxy

Broadhurst Industrial Management is the industrial asset management division of Broadhurst Group. Broadhurst investment fund is controlled in Romania by New Century Holding (NCH), a group present on Romanian market since 1994 that currently manages the majority and minority stakes in more than 300 Romanian companies from various sectors. Energoutilaj, Carboplak, UMEB are three industrial […] Read more »


Romaqua Group – It is easier to sell the truth

Borsec means more than two centuries of history. Countless international awards, the first of these dating back to 1873. In 2004 it was called “the best mineral water in the world”. It received the “Trusted Brand” distinction offered by Reader’s Digest Romania, nine years in a row. But tradition doesn’t stand for food nor water. […] Read more »