Broadhurst Industrial Management – Three stars in the Broadhurst galaxy

Broadhurst Industrial Management is the industrial asset management division of Broadhurst Group. Broadhurst investment fund is controlled in Romania by New Century Holding (NCH), a group present on Romanian market since 1994 that currently manages the majority and minority stakes in more than 300 Romanian companies from various sectors. Energoutilaj, Carboplak, UMEB are three industrial companies, part of the same big family, that stand out on domestic and international markets. Marius Ion, Administrator at Broadhurst Industrial Management, guides us through their history and through what they have to offer.


Marius Ion, Administrator of Broadhurst Industrial Management, owned by New Century Holdings in Romania

UMEB – Adding value to quality

UMEB is the market leader in designing and manufacturing special low voltage motors, including explosion proof motors. Last year, the company celebrated 65 years in the field of electric motors. UMEB was founded in 1948, when it became a state owned company. In 1997 the company was privatized by IMSAT, and in 2007 New Century Holdings became majority shareholder. This coincided with the period of UMEB modernization, primarily through an 10.5 million investment in a new headquarters building, a greenfield project, where rethinking all production flows was possible. “Although we have a rich history in manufacturing low voltage electrical motors and diesel generating sets, with EU membership, we had to reinvent our brand in a rapidly changing market. After 2005 we started restructuring the product portfolio, so we focused on engines niche, where competition is kept away due to the necessity of special knowledge both in R&D and manufacturing process, says Marius Ion. Most of the company’s competencies are related to products with high added value, namely explosion engines in the range of 0,09kW to 400kW, in 63mm to 355mm gauges. Explosion proof motors are designed and manufactured to work in environments with potentially explosive gas, such as acetylene, hydrogen and ethylene. The overwhelming majority of these applications are in oil & gas industry and derivatives, but also in the food, pharmaceutical and fertilizer industries, where powder mixtures of any kind can become explosive under certain conditions. The company also produces robust and customized general purpose engines.UMEB-motors

″We can say, without modesty, that our engines and our diesel generating sets compete directly with those of established companies worldwide″

Carboplak – The first in modern plastics

Carboplak, an important company in New Century Holdings Portfolio, is the first Romanian producer of polycarbonate. Having an experience of over 25 years in the construction of plastic parts and machinery, composite materials and polyester resins reinforced with fiberglass and carbon fiber, Carboplak turned its attention to technopolymers and modern processing technologies. After a market study conducted in collaboration with GFK, the company decided to start an investment in this field. The production began in 2007. The raw material is purchased from world leaders Bayer (Bayer Material Science) and Sabic. The manufacturing technology and equipment is provided by OMIPA Italy. The first team of operators and engineers was trained by engineers at OMIPA, both in Italy and at company headquarters in Bucharest. The staff participated in several online seminars with the granules manufacturers Bayer, GE and Sabic, on various topics related to advanced technopolymers processing. With a modern, fully automatic production line, Carboplak specialists focused on extrusion technologies, compounding and quality management. To satisfy user requests, a line of fences plating systems has been developed, to separate this type of plate from those in the standard line (canopies, skylights, greenhouses, etc.), the individual systems (facades, skylights vents, industrial greenhouses) or infrastructure (noise barriers). All varieties are marketed under the brand Carboplak the offer including all necessary accessories for installation. Products are also sold in DIY stores, under private label. The development strategy involves, among other things, reducing the environmental impact of production operations through responsible management of resources and waste, the development of energy efficient solutions and CSR activities.Carboplak-Broadhurst

″ We have a good expertise in this area, and we will continue the study of modern plastics processing in order to diversify our product portfolio ”

A material with many applications

The first polycarbonate resins synthesis was made in 1898, but the technology modernized only in 1930. In 1941, the PCG company launched the production and marketing of premium polycarbonate resins. In 1960, Dan Fox (GE) and H. Schnell (Bayer) found the current polycarbonate resins formula, followed by industrial production. In 1965, the first production capacity opened in the USA, followed by the Netherlands, in 1977. Cellular polycarbonate plates have numerous applications including: domes and skylights, curtain walls, pedestrian passages and awnings, coatings and interior design, industrial greenhouses, solariums, and acoustic panels.

Energoutilaj – Serving the future

Founded in 1949, Energoutilaj is the main equipment hirer for most major industrial and civil construction projects in Romania. Until December 2003, Electroutilaj was a state-owned company. The purpose for which it was founded was to provide equipment services to the investment division of the Romanian energy sector. It participated in the construction of the electrical grid, hydroelectric power plants and the construction of the Cernavodă nuclear power plant. During the time it was owned by the Romanian state, Energoutilaj provided full range equipment services required on construction sites: excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, cranes, motor vehicles for transporting building materials and oversized transport. In December 2003, the Romanian state sold its majority stake and Energoutilaj became part of the NCH Advisors Group, represented in Romania by Broadhurst Investments Limited. According to Mr. Marius Ion, Administrator at Broadhurst Industrial Management, the decision of specializing in mobile cranes services and heavy transport was made after an analysis of the domestic market′s needs. “This restructuring benefited from an investment in equipment worth over € 10 million, a program that we ran from 2006 to 2012 and that provided a fleet of cranes and vehicles which is probably the youngest in Romania (the average age of the machines fleet being 7 years)”, says Mr. Ion. Energoutilaj currently has a fleet of 21 mobile cranes (16-300 tons) and 12 heavy transport vehicles (50-150 t). Upon its establishment, Energoutilaj was involved exclusively in energy projects, meanwhile specializing in mobile cranes services that enabled the company to act in almost all economic sectors. The company currently runs assembly work for builders, transport and handling for precast concrete manufacturers, transport and handling for the energy sector (including wind energy), installation of chillers, yacht launches, transport of large construction machinery, transport and assembly for infrastructure works, etc. Energoutilaj acts mainly on the local market, which it fully covers, but occasionally, the company has projects in Bulgaria and Serbia. “We want to expand regionally, but proximity markets are still underdeveloped and lack of funding for large investments, so local branches are not justified”, says Mr. Ion. Although in 2014 the construction sector has fared below expectations, Electroutilaj found solutions to develop its activity both by increasing turnover (given that the domestic market contraction is 12%) and by diversifying the range of services. “This difficult period is an opportunity to find solutions for executions without cost overruns and without compromising on quality”, adds Mr. Ion. All this effort is supported by an experienced logistics operational team, which in the last decade has managed to turn Energoutilaj into a significant competitor against companies with much larger fleets. ″As in life, in business it really doesn′t matter how big you are, but how fast and versatile you are, how effectively you can communicate with others″, concludes Mr. Ion.Broadhurst-factory

This restructuring benefited from an investment in equipment worth over 10 €million

“If you ask all the crane companies in Romania about what has most valuable, most will only talk about their cranes and what they can do for their clients. Only one will say that its most valuable asset is its organizational culture and the people who build it everyday. That company is Energoutilaj”.

Marius Ion, Administrator at Broadhurst Industrial ManagementBroadhurst-Industrial

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