Rompetrol Group – A bridge between East and West

The energy sector is and will remain the foundation of the economic partnership between Romania and Kazakhstan, with Rompetrol being an exponent of this fruitful relation by becoming a Romanian-Kazakh champion and a powerful player on the oil&gas markets in Central and Eastern Europe. The Rompetrol Group is a multinational oil company owned by the […] Read more »


World Machinery Works – Adapted to the market requirements

In 1971, the year of incorporation of “Intreprinderea de Masini Unelte Bacau”, which in the meantime has become “World Machinery Works (WMW)”, the heavy industry was at home in Romania. With industrialisation in full swing, there were approximately 30 machine tools manufacturing companies countrywide. Among these, only four manufacturers have managed to keep up with […] Read more »


Fabryo-Atlas Paints, gaining respect through quality

While a company’s financial success translates into sales figures with lots of zeros at the end, a trusted brand often means years of experience, tradition, product quality and painstaking attention to every detail that may influence the evolution of the brand. Take for example Fabryo-Atlas Paints. This is one of those companies that encourage quality […] Read more »