Travelers Amidst Industries


Cosmin Stir,
Project Manager
Industry Journal

Maybe it is true, maybe the years before 1989 were truly more productive in what the industry is concerned but this doesn’t prevent us from noticing the success the companies now have…sometimes from the shadow. There are names that maybe you haven’t heard before or heard too little of, but there are names that contribute to the development of the country’s economy, they are the pillars that we all stand on without even being aware, they are the landmarks that encourage us by showing we are on the right path and that it can always be better if the right man is put in the right place. Nobody says it’s easy, sometimes it is complicated to manage a small business with less than 10 employees, not to mention one with 2000. The secret is to have long term vision, to find solutions where nobody was able t o, to have patience and trust that what you are doing is the right thing and – why not? – to be a bit stubborn about succeeding. People are the heart and soul of a business, their mind and determination can move mountains so they definitely can or ganize a big success.

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