GEZE launches new innovative products at BAU 2015 in Munich


GEZE. We care about solutions.

In 2015, the BAU trade fair will continue to live up to its reputation as the world’s most important trade fair forum for the construction industry. This becomes evident through the overwhelming number of visitors that visit the trade fair site, as well as our booth. Our product solutions that we present at our booth in three divisions – Professional, Living and Service Solutions – have attracted wide interest from the international trade fair audience. This validates our goal of offering more than high-quality, high-value products. At GEZE, the focus is always on innovative, product-spanning system solutions that are geared towards the individual wishes of our clients and partners. This is in keeping with our trade fair motto: GEZE. We care about solutions.”, explains Brigitte Vöster-Alber, chief executive officer.

Professional Solutions


mong the products that are being unveiled for the first time at the BAU trade fair are new multi-functional automatic door systems for large, heavy single-leaf and double-leaf doors. The Powerturn swing door drive is one of the highlights of the trade fair, and it is also a prime example for the all-purpose design event. The force-challenge allows visitors to find out just how strong it is. It also proves to be a ‘strong’ team player within the framework of the GEZE double-door system. The Powerturn has been tested for sustainability. It was awarded the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) sustainability certificate on the very first day of the trade fair.

The Powerdrive sliding door system is the ‘powerful’ professional in situations involving large opening widths. With the new Powerdrive airtight (for entrances leading to air-tight clean rooms) and Powerdrive hermetic (for entrances leading to sterile environments) variants, GEZE is presenting the respective power packs in the form of system solutions associated with complete door systems.

GEZE is, within the framework of its window technology programme, presenting solutions for natural smoke and heat extraction and daily ventilation. GEZE offers components for the most diverse window elements and areas of application. These components are geared to each other, and can be combined in a flexible manner. When it comes to the new application for parallel-opening vent windows in modern glass façades, the new ‘intelligent’ RWA chain drive Slimchain (from the IQ windowdrive series) is not just delighting architects. The interface with other KNX-capable components in a building system represents another new feature. The IQ box KNX facilitates a controlled and natural ventilation system that offers the maximum degree of comfort and safety.

GEZE also demonstrates its system competence with all-glass systems. A profile width of just 30 millimetres and insulating glass panes are standard features of the new manual sliding wall system (MSW) with fine-framed leaves. When combined with the new variable MSW sub-structure and the new SmartGuide technology, which facilitates diverse parking space arrangements and enhances the ease of use, it enables the implementation of MSW systems that are both energy-efficient and transparent.

In the conference rooms visitors can experience how all-glass walls with different designs and functionalities can emerge from a single modular solution. The Pendulo system makes it possible to form new rooms without any elaborate interventions affecting the structural shell. The basic profile of the Pendulo fixed panels forms the basis of the new modular fixed panel profile. This facilitates the maximum degree of creative freedom when it comes to static glass walls.

Living Solutions

At the stand, an innovation associated with high-quality interior doors is presented by a very crowd-pleasing pantomime show. With an all-new mode of operation, the ActiveStop double-sided draw-in damping system offers a unique degree of convenience and a high measure of protection within the entire swivelling range of the door.

Multi-functional door systems also become increasingly important when it comes to smaller buildings and entry doors. GEZE is, for the very first time, presenting a complete entry door system that offers accessibility, anti-burglary protection and an access control facility through a combination of the tried and tested ECturn Inside swing door drive, a multi-point locking system and the new GEZE SecuLogic GCER 100 stand-alone access control system.

Furthermore, GEZE is also presenting new manually-operated sliding door systems. Optical lightness and ease of handling can now also be attained in conjunction with door-leaves weighing up to 120 kilogrammes: Even though the two are identical in appearance, the new GEZE Levolan 120 sliding door system features a load-bearing capacity that carries twice as much as the proven Levolan 60. The Rollan 40 NT SoftStop makes it possible to use light sliding doors in a more comfortable manner. GEZE has equipped the tried and tested fittings for door-leaves weighing up to 80 kilogrammes with an all-new draw-in damping system.

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