Delamode Romania – Perspectives on logistics

This year is special for Delamode. The company celebrates 20 years of activity in Romania. We talked to Mr. Cosmin Rusu, General Manager Delamode Romania, about the company’s past present and future, about its successes, its challenges and, overall, about the Romanian freight and logistics market. ″I am optimistic that we will experience an organic […] Read more »


IRUM – The ambition to influence market developments

IRUM SA manufactures at Reghin performant skidders and agricultural machinery. Originally intended for domestic market only, IRUM machines are now being sold in several European countries such as Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, Croatia, Austria and Germany. Mr. Mircea Oltean, CEO at IRUM talked to us about environmental care, performance, design and the attention to safety […] Read more »


CEO has brought online group 4 of the Rovinari thermal power plant

The Oltenia Energy Complex (CEO) has brought online group 4 of the Rovinari thermal power plant, private manager Laurenţiu Ciurel stated at a press conference. The power group has undergone a technological upgrade. CEO now has at its disposal seven technologically upgraded power groups. The investment stands at approximately €150 mullion. According to CEO’s strategy, […] Read more »

Politub estimates a 30% increase in turnover

Polyethylene pipe manufacturer Politub, part of Teraplast, estimates, for 2014, a 30% increase in revenue, supported by water infrastructure works and irrigation projects. The company ended 2013 with a 57.7 million lei (€13 million) turnover and, in the first half of this year , Politub reported 35.5 million lei (€ 8 million) in revenue, an […] Read more »


Glasscorp opened a car glass plant in Buzău

The Glasscorp company, one of the most important car windscreen producers in Central and Eastern Europe, member of Turkey’s Sisecam Group, has opened a car glass plant in Buzău, following an investment of €65 million, a project co-financed through a state aid scheme. The plant will produce windscreens, side windows and rear windows. The investment […] Read more »

EDPR plans to invest €80 million in wind farms

Portugal’s EDP Renovaveis (EDPR), the renewable energy division of Energias de Portugal utilities group, the third largest investor in Romania’s green energy sector, has conducted three capital subscriptions within two project companies, the necessary sum surpassing the €80 million threshold, according to Trade Registry data. If the investment is finalized, the project will be the […] Read more »


ETI builds a biscuits plant in Craiova

ETI, one of the biggest food industry companies in Turkey, will invest €40 million in Craiova in its first plant located abroad, a plant that will open in October 2015 and will produce biscuits and cookies. “We have oriented the investment towards Romania because of the goo d market conditions, the advantages of its location in the region, the l ogistics and the country’s economic stability” ETI President Firuzhan Kanatli stated […] Read more »


New auto parts plant to open in Brăila

A new auto parts plant will open in Brăila halfway through 2015, after an investment of €24 million made by Japan’s Yazaki and Belgium developer Warehouses DePauw (WDP). The project, which entails the construction of an auto parts plant for Yazaki on a plot of land of 8.5 hectares, leased in Brăila’s Free Area, was presented at a press conference by Yazaki’s CEO Mehmet Sonmez and Plant Director Frantisek Kolvek. The […] Read more »